Why is Melasma so Hard to Treat?


Oct 17, 2018
Melasma afflicts primarily mid-color skin, whose genetic code makes their skin hypersensitive and hyperactive to any irritation. Accordingly, especially in the case of an un-stable melasma, even a treatment designed to remove overabundance melanin may really stimulate the already hypersensitive and overactive melanocytes including them to make much more melanin, making the melasma worse than previously.

This incorporates:
- Chemical peels
- IPL treatments
- Lasers
- Micro-needling
- Exfoliating skin creams

Treat Melasma with Lasers
Specific lasers modulated are utilize in precise ways, to deliver energy that will change the molecular structure of the melanin however not vaporize or remove it. Truly, all the melanin that was there before the melasma treatment is still there after the treatment.
Besides, the melasma will really appear a little darker than before the treatment on the grounds that once the molecular structure of the melanin has been altered, it reflects light diversely at the surface of the skin.
By then the immune system is alerted to the presence of the modified melanin particles that now appear foreign and therefore the immune system gets busy dissolving away the altered melanin. Hence, there is no excess melanin being removed, your very own physiology is doing the work, similarly as it was designed to do.