Peraturan Baru The difference between hand-knotted carpet and gun-punched carpet


Jul 3, 2018
Boss told me these two days: You write the difference between a handmade carpet and a gun-spun carpet. Weaver Girl:? ? ? Is this still different? These two are not comparable, they are not a thing at all. But still let everyone popularize it.

1. The gun rug is a mechanism carpet

Hand-knotted carpets and gun-punched carpets can be said to be completely different products, and the craftsmanship is quite different. In simple terms, hand-knotted carpets need to be made through dozens of processes such as design drawing, dyeing, hanging, knotting, stalking, flat cutting, cleaning and trimming.

▲ simple process flow chart, homemade pictures

Among them, hand knotting is one of the most important processes. The knotting is the weavers. According to the pattern, the wool yarn or the silk thread is tied to the hanging warp thread and cut off. The carpet surface forms a pile of pile head, and the back of the blanket is a knot process. Knotting is also called a tying head, and this process, although it seems to be a simple tying line, cut the line, if the tying is not good, there will be a head - the cut pile is too short, the nucleus - the back of the blanket is rough, the head of the fly - The situation that the pile is not uniform is definitely a technical activity. Therefore, weavers must be skilled in the process of weaving, but also have to use their hands and eyes to combine them. It is a very technical test, and it is definitely not a simple repetitive work.

▲Hand knotted video, taken in the summer of 2014

Tools are needed to manually knot the carpet, such as a special knife to cut the thread, and the scorpion beats the weft to make it strong. After the knotting, the entire carpet is formed.

▲ manual knotting tool, taken in 2015

The rifle carpet needs to be designed, dyed, plated, brushed, hanged, woven, glued, flat blanket, cut flowers, trimmed and other processes. Among them, the carpet is a process in which workers hold a javelin and embed the blanket yarn into the base fabric according to the design drawing to form a carpet surface.

▲ gun stabbed carpet, pictures from the network

However, at this time, the entire carpet was not formed, and the process of gluing was required to form a carpet. The carpet is indeed done by hand tools, but if the process of holding the thorn gun is a manual process, it is really stubborn. So in fact, the gun rug is a real mechanism carpet, but it is misled into the hand-made carpet in the market. It is said that this "manual" is not "manual", and the hand-knotted "manual" is the real hand.