Solar ventilator and Roof ventilator


Nov 30, 2014
The earth is uniquely placed in our solar system to produce a balance of temperature, light and seasons that we experience. Lama’s Zepher is a highly efficient solar powered roofventilator which is able to hamess a little of this free energy that reaches the earth from the sun, using the very same energy that heats up your home to make you home cooler and more comfortable to live in. This reduction in heat and moisture build up in the home allows for savings in electricity cooling costs, less mould and decay inside the home, thus a more comfortable and healthier living home with the preseverence of the environment in mind.

The poor Solar ventilator Reflectance Indexes of most roof designs allows radiant heat from the roof ventilator material to heat up the air beneath resunlting in a very hot roof which can reach up to +70 C, easily seeping part of it into your home interior. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, your air conditioning will have to work very much harder, its compressor loading up every few minutes. This results in very high electrical and air conditioning maintenance costs as well as a contribution of large amounts of greenhouse to our environment.

Our climate has plenty of sunlight throughout the day for the entire year and allows for a very efficient operation of the Zepher. Its photovoltaic solar panel starts generating electricity to cool the roof when the sun starts heating the roof, then stops working after the sun stops heating the roof. The Zepher purgess the unwanted heat loads which are trapped in between the roof inderside and above the ceiling, then replacing it with fresh and cool air allowing you to have a cool and less humind home environment for a zero RM life cycle running cost.

Feature of solar ventilator

1. continuous work even in cloudy days ( minimum 3.5V boot ) .

2. there is no cost for ventilator , free energy from sunlight .

3. brushless electric motors on the quiet .

4. High quality mono panel solar energy with adjustable angle bracket , can be applied to the roof.

5. Work well informed gio5 house pet .

6. 304 stainless steel casing ( corrosion resistant ) , aluminum alloy blades , durable and solid .

7.Use friction roller bearings less longevity .

8. Simple connection , easy to install and operate , simply plug and play .