PostCard Marketing-OFFLINE Marketing


Jan 9, 2007
Have you ever heard of Joe Girard? The Guinness Book Of World Records has him down as "The Greatest Salesperson In The World."

Joe was a car salesman from Detroit and in his 15 year career, he sold exactly 13,001 retail cars. He sold more cars per year by himself than most dealers sell total.

What was his secret?

He developed a follow up system where he would stay in touch with all his customers and prospects by sending them cards in the mail. They weren't even cards designed to sell, just simple "thank yous" and customer appreciation cards. But from these, he received a flood of business. Together, with the help of his two assistants, he would send out over 13,000 handwritten cards a month.

A lot of other business owners that it dramatically increases conversion rates... but there was just no way I could see myself finding the time to do it.

However, I found a marketing tool that allows one to do this without ever touching a single card or even going to the Post Office. It's 100% automated, just like an email autoresponder.

You load your prospect's contact info, select a pre-made postcard or customize your own, click a button and it's on its way. You can do this for hundreds, even thousands of prospects and you can also set up timed sequences where they receive a card one week, another 4 weeks later, etc., etc.

The system is called 'Send Out Cards'

"Hands down the most effective follow up marketing tool ever created!"

PS : Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk mengetahui " Send Out Card " sila PM saya segera.