Pet Alliance - Do you want to have a magical journey with your pets?

Nov 27, 2013
Magic trainer embarks on the journey, more than 100 kinds of different combat pets are waiting for you to tame. Hoist capacity of your pets, evolve pets, explore infinite world, discover more legendary monsters, look for more treasures. Trainers, take your pets to meet amusing challenges! In a setting of Kui Star Island as background, “Pet Alliance” emphasizes the training of pets and the collecting of illustrated handbook. PK is the main method between players. Game screen is very beautiful and cute, Battle mode is very plentiful, Operation is very easy, “Pet Alliance” will give you an amusing gaming experience.
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• 1. Delicate screen – cute style, bright colors, exquisite scene, amusing level
• 2. Multivariant style of pet – variety of styles, there must be a cup of tea.
• 3. Swimming in the fragmentary time – suitable for all people, simple operation, you can use your finger to start your magical journey.
• 4. Wind methods of battle – boss challenges, level adventure, friend match, pvp, pve, you will have a super satisfied PK party.
• 5. Many training books – 11 kinds of factions, massive skill books
• 6. Cool skills – 100 kinds of skills, you can choose your favorite
• 7. Much fun – Gashapon, points race, Star tower, Dragon Slayer, level protection…..Enjoy the fun of game.
• 8. Massive illustrations collection – more than 200 known species of pet waiting for you to collect, there are many unknown magical creatures waiting for you to explore.