[ PANAS! ] Bonus Seni Pemasaran Facebook..Super Gempak!!

Sep 21, 2009
Salam 1 Malaysia!

Jom usha bonus-bonus special yang saya sediakan untuk eBook Seni Pemasaran Facebook!

1. AdsNoticeBox WP Plugin (developer license included)

Some awesome features of this plugin:

  1. Easy ad placement for total control over where ads are seen.
  2. Ability to insert images such as photos or icons for added attraction.
  3. Five built-in templates ensure a look and feel that matches your site.
  4. Easy ad placement for total control over where ads are seen.
  5. Unlimited ads so you can change them out quickly save for an upcoming event.
  6. Automatic update (1-click update).
  7. Ad-level control over design and placement – customize each and every ad on your site.

2. Picture Resizing WP Plugin + MRR (sales page included)

Upload, Activate, and You're Ready To Go!

  1. Can select up to 20 Images to resize at once (supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF files).
  2. Select resizing options, then press Submit.
  3. Preview resized images and download either individually, or all images at once in a handy .ZIP file.

3. Articles 4 Newbies With Master Resell & Giveaway Rights (complete reseller kit included)

Free Silver Pass to Sure Fire Wealth ($147 value!)

Local Businessman – Complete Video Course

6. Video Profits Fastlane - Video Marketing Kit

7. 20 Ready To Personalize FB Timeline Templates (PSD Files)

8. 3 Agency Style Professional Mobile Flyer Templates (PSD Files)

9. EZ Ebook Templates (22+ Templates)

10. Converting Squeeze Pages for Any Use (you'll look like you have a design team)

11. Traffic Overdrive (eBook)

12. 27,000 PLR Articles (Various Niches)

Bagaimana untuk mendapatkan semua bonus-bonus di atas? Senang jer, dapatkan eBook Seni Pemasaran Facebook melalui link berikut:

=> Klik Sini Untuk Mendapatkan eBook Seni Pemasaran Facebook

PM kepada saya bukti pembelian dan saya akan hantarkan bonus-bonus spesel kepada anda secepat yang mungkin.

Kurang yakin dengan eBook Seni Pemasaran Facebook? Anda boleh lihat sendiri bukti earning di laman jualan eBook Seni Pemasaran Facebook!

Selamat berniaga di Facebook! :D
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