Neymar progressing backward not even close to Messi Ronaldo

Vicky Yen

Sep 20, 2018

Neymar’s performance is very frustrating

Neymar progressing backward not even close to Messi Ronaldo on this have seen at Champions League Group match away to Liverpool, Neymar in Paris Saint-Germain is undoubtedly one of the most compelling players. Although he sent an assist to teammate Mbappe, Neymar was still locked up by Liverpool. The international football player is the most expensive Brazilian striker who is considered to be the most likely to break the monopoly of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. In this game of countless people expecting his performance but he did not play the up his standard.

In this game it can be regarded as the competition of the best strikers in today’s football: Liverpool has three sharpshooters, Salah, Mane, Firmino, Paris Saint-Germain has Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani. After the opening, Neymar tried to express himself, but after Milner gave him a fierce tackle, he began to become cautious.

Suppressed by Milner

Milner served as the midfielder, although there will be a lot of matchup with Neymar, but in fact Liverpool did not arrange Milner to mark Neymar. In the 8th minute, Neymar got the ball and Milner came over to defend. Neymar skillfully showed his extraordinary skills, but Milner did not mercilessly use his strong body to grab the ball and pass it to Salah. And finally, Mane completed a shot. At the end of the confrontation, Milner ran away with the ball, but Neymar was still sitting on the turf, and for a long time he did not want to get up. When Liverpool scored a corner after 2 minutes, Neymar strolled in the middle.

“Daily Mail” believes that Neymar is so uncomfortable because “Neymar is too easy to get a chance to play, he has been on the field for too long!” was asked about Neymar frequently before the game. The problem of falling to the ground, Liverpool coach Klopp once thought, “Neymar is to protect himself from being shovel.” However, the Daily Mail believes that this is nothing more than Klopp’s diplomatic rhetoric.

horse around by Mane

The Daily Mail Football Livescore believes that Neymar is very different from the great superstars. “The best players in the world always have to face the flying shovel and sometimes the defensive player’s elbow.” The author, for example, said Liverpool’s famous Kenny Dalglish was kicked to the calf or shovel to the ankle. The voice is as familiar as the ringtone of the mobile phone. Manchester United’s famous George Best is also facing the confrontation without shrinking, in order to achieve the achievements in the history. Perhaps I feel that the experience of the legends is not convincing, “Daily Mail” specifically take Messi to compare. The author believes that in modern football, few people are more brave than Messi. Messi is faced with various violent confrontations and regulations without fear, and can once again harvest hat tricks like yesterday.

Neymar’s talent is undoubtedly the Brazilian striker who is considered to be the most likely to break the monopoly of the Ronaldo and Messi Ballon d’Or Award, but without the courage of Dalglish, Best and Messi. The author believes that Neymar’s way of playing, so that he often participates in the game all the time, the whole game is sporadically involved in the game, when the state is good or when there is time, he will shine. When the game is difficult, he seems to be tied by a red string, lacking in hard work, dealing with the ball at random, and being more like a temper… his behavior has imposed a limit on his own talent.

The Daily Mail even said that Neymar is not qualified to play in this Liverpool game compared to Milner and Henderson, who are playing in the game, because his style of play is not Klopp. The kind that I like. This weekend, the French League match against Rennes is what Neymar likes to play”