Messi refused to shake this Referee hand after the game

Sep 20, 2018

According to the Bolaking report, after Barcelona was draw by Girona, Messi was very dissatisfied with the referee Gil Manzano, and he refused to shake hands with the referee after the match.

In this game, the referee has several controversial judgments. First, in the 35th minute, Lenglet had a suspicious elbow Pons action when he was intercepted. The referee confirmed the Barcelona defender after passing the video referee. Lenglet had already broken the ball at the time. This was just an unintentional action, and the red card was too harsh.

Spanish TV station showed that Pique had an argument with the referee Manzano before the start of the second half. Pique apparently believed that Lenglet should not have a red card.

In the second half, Messi was also very dissatisfied with Manzano. Messi broke through to the top of the restricted area, but was tackle and fell to the ground, and Manzano did not blow the whistle for this. Messi got up and express his dissatisfaction, and also yelled at the referee.

Messi is dissatisfied with the referee

After the game, Mansano reached out and wanted to shake hands with Messi, but Messi refused, what he said to the referee, apparently he thinks the referee’s control of the game is very problematic.

After the game Messi refused to shake hands with the referee

Messi and Manzano conflict not the first time

This is not the first time Messi has had a conflict with Gill Manzano. In the match of Barcelona in May 2016, Messi was put down by the opponent in the penalty area, and Manzano was blinded. Messi is very dissatisfied with this. At halftime, he asked Manzano to explain, but Manzano refused to talk. He turned his finger to the locker room and ask Messi return to the locker room. Messi still asked Manzano to explain, the Barcelona team had to run over to comfort Messi.

Manzano began his referee career in Segunda Division in 2006-07 and officially entered La Liga in 2012-13. He has repeatedly caused dissatisfaction with Barcelona players. In February 2017, in a semi-final of the King’s Cup, Suarez was sent off by Manzano. Suarez wanted to find Manzano’s for explanation after the game, but was dissuaded by Messi.