King of legend, a legend of mobile game industry


Nov 27, 2013
King of legend, the hottest 3D mobile game in history, a legend of mobile game industry- win over 100 thousand installation on the first day to release and is strongly recommended by over 500 professional game website. Surprising, shocking and amazing?
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Unique legend system
Unique legend system, a legend feast second to none. 6 mysterious and ancient legends are for you to explore, great chance to get rare heroes, equipments and diamnds.
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Unique training and promotion system
Hundreds of heroes for over ten class are for you to collect, all are birthed with unique and awesome skills. Unique training and promotion system- train and promote your heroes at any time any where, even though you are offline.
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Abundant and various gameplay
Abundant and various gameplay to experience, campaign, conquerassaulting other countries, resource scrambling, fighting BOSS and so on,. Infinite fun, all in King of legend.
Who will be the only king of the legend? Start your fantastic journey right now.