ISO 22000 in Feed Safety

Sep 16, 2021

ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) is the standard designed especially for food and feed safety. This standard contains all the requirements, required for the safety of feed/food products from raw to end consumer. To ensure the safety of food/ feed commodities, it is necessary to have a complete framework of assessing an issue, creating plan work for the control of that issue, explaining objectives, and improving the system to achieve those objectives. ISO 22000 provides all the guidelines regarding the complete framework.

Food safety management system (ISO 22000) starts by explaining the scope of a firm to make improvements in the system regarding safety. For example, Section 5 of the ISO 22000 is regarding the leadership and commitment that plays a key role in the success of any industry. It defines the procedure to create a policy, and one of the important things is assigning responsibilities and authority to every personnel while section 6 will need to look into planning to address risks and to control them, set up food safety objectives and planning how to achieve these objectives and plan for change in the system with time.

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