How to Apply for ISO 22000 Certification in Malaysia?

Sep 16, 2021

Before we know the process to apply, we should know what ISO 22000 is. ISO 22000 is an ISO standard for the Food Safety Management System. This helps an organization monitor the food safety, hazards and make sure food is safe for consumption. It is an international requirement specified for food safety management purposes by the International Standard Organization (ISO). The process can be divided into some steps, the first step is to define your objective, Scope, and Policy to implement the ISO 22000 Standard. Then establish the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System by referring to the ISO 22000 requirement. After that, train and Implement the ISO 22000 requirements in your organization. Besides, form an Internal Audit team to perform self-check based on ISO 22000 requirements and then top management need to review the organization’s ISO 22000 system to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. Finally, engage the certification body for the audit and get the ISO 22000 Certificate.

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