Great Eastern Medical Card & Insurance, Best medical card with excellent service in Malaysia (Consultancy)

Dec 11, 2018

I'm a full time Insurance Advisor from Great Eastern Life Assurance with several years of experience in Insurance industry for saving plan, protection plan and medical plan as low as RM3 per day.

Insurance is actually a risk sharing medium by helping people who are unlikely to need insurance at the moment to cover the costs of people who are more likely in need of insurance.

So let's talk about Life insurance vs medical insurance now:
Life insurance is the lump sum of payment given out when one diagnosed with certain pre-defined covered event such as Death/Total & Permanent Disability and 36 Critical Illness, while
Medical insurance is the coverage by the insurance company to pay for the medical bill to the hospital.

So why does one need both Medical and Life insurance?
Imagine that Mr.Tan faint down one day and went to hospital for check up, unfortunately he was diagnose with stage 3 lung cancer. The medical bill cost up to RM80,000 for the surgery. However, this is not the full amount yet as for every chemotherapy in the future, twice per week, the bill is claimable under his medical card too.

Moreover, the doctor has certified that Mr.Tan is not fit to work for the next 6 months. The next thing he knows is his boss asked him to have a "good long rest". So, he lost his way to generate his income. Luckily, here comes the pay cheque from the insurance company to help him sustain all his living expenses, car loan, property loan, MLM health product, Ogawa massage chair, etc whichever that help him to recover. Here comes the importance of Life insurance, especially Critical Illness coverage.

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance?
Insurance does not only help you when you fall sick, in Great Eastern you can enjoy the additional benefits such as 30% off all Blackmores products, 20% off at Crocs, 15% off for GNC product & health screening package, discount on Brands, Ogawa products etc..
All these you can enjoy when you are a Great Eastern policyholder. Go to the link below to view the full listing.

Besides, you can use up to Life RM3000 and Medical/Education RM3000 tax relief to lessen your burden when paying for Income Tax in 2019, it's a win-win situation for both policyholder and the company.

We have just launched the best premier medical card in Malaysia, below is the main advantage of the medical card compare to other company.
1. No Co-Insurance for whatsoever reason.
2. Annual limit as high as RM990,000 to RM1,760,000, Yes, it's annual limit not lifetime limit.
3. Unlimited lifetime limit.
4. Automatic 10% increase in Room & Board in every 3 years.
7. Post-Hospitalisation Treatment as long as within 180 days after hospital discharge. Longest post treatment in Malaysia!
8. In hospital physician visits of twice per day.
9. Can stay in hospital up to 180 days per policy year.
10. Can stay in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 180 days per policy year.
11. Pre hospitalization coverage of 60 days.
12. The basic plan to which this medical card is attached to provides 1% increase in basic sum assured free of charge every year. Let say the basic sum assured is RM200,000 and your annual premium is RM2,000. You pay RM2,000 annually, you get RM200,000 protection plus RM2,000 free additional protection every year.

Why Great Eastern?
Great Eastern is the oldest(106 years) and has the largest assets of RM53billion(as at 2012 Jan). Why this is important? Well, this is important because insurance is a long term commitment and company's sustainability is vital for claims.

Source: Bank Negara Malaysia

What makes Great Eastern plan so different?
We give the highest availability days in medical card, our card can use up to 180 days in a year. (compare to other insurance company of average 120 days). Our Kidney Dialysis and Cancer treatment are using annual & lifetime limit(some companies do impose lower limit for post hospitalization.

Beside these, what else is special about Great Eastern?
Our fund are no doubt one of the best in town, good fund will generate better cash value.

Source: Google Doc

Well, I can buy from other Great Eastern agent right?
I'm a Actuarial Science graduate and have worked as underwriter in insurance industry for 3 years. I know how insurance works inside out, with the help of the company staffs (they were my colleague once), from form submission, underwriting process, claims related matter, which makes me able to speed up the whole process. If you have any current insurance policy that you would like me to do a policy review, you are most welcome to contact me.

I would really appreciate if you could simply pm me to talk further.
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