Gold Scam Malaysia - Wanted LEE CHUIN KHUEN


Sep 15, 2021
My Story

I'm a victim of a fraudulent and deceptive Gold Investment scam in PAMP MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANCY SDN BHD at Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Suffering a huge loss in gold and money. The scam is lead by Dato Seri HENRY LEE CHUIN KHUEN (Singaporean - S1722118C ). The cheated a number of victims before closing their dummy company.

How The Scam Begin

I received a call from a lady saying that her company dealt with GENNEVA GOLD trade in good price - RM 250 per gram. Thought that was a quiet good deal , so I made an appointment to meet with the owner of the company, Dato Seri HENRY LEE CHUIN KHUEN. This guy created a Trade In Plan for me and willing to buy over my gold bar at the price of RM 250 per gram.

To gain my trust he issued a Assurance Letter from bank amount of USD 10 million to reimburse to the seller in the event if the company failed to honor any cheques payment with regards to monthly payment and purchase price (principle).
I accepted the deal and he issued 6 month cheque. Things turn out bad when the cheque started bounced. Dato Seri HENRY LEE CHUIN KHUEN could not be contacted and the company closed down.

Since then, I have lodged a police report.

Update : I have been inform by the police still trying to locate Dato Seri HENRY LEE CHUIN KHUEN (Wanted) in many scam case . If anyone have information pertaining to the scammer, please contact nearest police station.

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