Elves realm - A must play for anyone who loves card-based battle games!!!!!!!

Nov 27, 2013
《Elves Realm》is a great, amazing and addictive card-based adventure game with MMORPG element, the powerful game system and great looking graphics really kick ass! In “Elves Realm”, you will meet many beautiful girls(loli, goddess, angle, queen, succubae, etc), many magical creatures(Leviathan, Jade Dragon, Phoenix, Griffin, Cyclops, Mammoth, Hydra, Jormungand, Scorpio, Unicorn King, Chaotic Bear, Fire Zombie, Kirin, Kranken. etc). There are 4 classes: Kingdom, Forest, wilderness and Hell. Choose one class with corresponding runes, you can create your own class kingdom. Different races, different challenges! PLAY FOR FREE and join us to travel through the mysterious lands with castles, kingdoms, caves, unknown world and tons of other players! The game will place you in a world filled with mystery and fantasy.
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• 1. Fantacy
• 2. Amazing and addictive
• 3. A great card game with MMORPG element
• 4. Over 200 different cards to collect + 250 unique challenges!
• 5. Gorgeous graphic design, and user-friendly interface.
• 6. Various Events-Only- Rewards!
• 7. Highly Interactive!
• 8. Interactive Community, create clans for cooperative play and battle players in epic Clan vs Clan battles!