Oct 17, 2018
Aside from keeping up a proper diet as well as exercise regularly, another option to beautify your body is undergo either invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Notwithstanding, before you put yourself and your well-deserved cash in the hands of an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, here is a checklist of imperative things you should know:
1. Ensure the aesthetic clinic is properly registered
Remember that any aesthetic procedure done at improbable places like homes (be it the therapists’ home or your own) and hotel rooms is illegal and entirely precluded. A valid aesthetic clinic is one registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Along these lines, ensure that the clinic you intend to visit is recorded under Annual Practicing Certificates (APC). In addition, the APC for the clinic additionally should be noticeable to the public.
2. Ensure your doctor is certified
There will be terrible consequences (truly) if the doctor you choose to perform your aesthetic surgery is either fake or an inadequate person. A qualified doctor must be both trained and certified with Letter of Privileging and Credentialing (LCP) accreditations from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
3. Never hesitate to get some information about the aesthetic products
After visiting at the aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, ensure the aesthetic products, for example, Botox and fillers are both genuine and original. Remember that these specific products are strictly supplied to a registered aesthetic clinic. In the event that you are having an uncertainty regarding the products, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. This is your rights to do as such and it is better to be as careful as possible.
4. Always let your doctor know about your medicinal history
Before getting an aesthetic procedure, always inform your doctor about your medical history. It very well may be anything significant going from your past and current medications, contamination, allergic or scarring. This will enable your doctor to comprehend your condition better before any final decision is made.
5. Ask for side effects
Any aesthetic surgery, in any case invasive or non-invasive, has its side effects. Thus, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor what are the side effects in the event that you pick a certain procedure.
6. Ask for a patch test
A patch test is where your skin is clinically tested to determine if you have an allergy cause or irritation. You can ask for your doctor to do a patch test before the aesthetic procedure, particularly if you definitely know you have a sensitive skin.