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    How Sleep Improves Your Skin. Follow these pre-bedtime steps for waking up with better skin.

    The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep per night for most adults. Less than that can play a role in the development of wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark circles under the eyes. The reason? During sleep, your body delivers fluids to organs and tissues that need...
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    How exercise helps to keep the skin healthy.

    Daily exercising helps the body to stay fit and healthy. Not just this, it also helps us to have glowing, flawless and pimple free skin. Most of us feel lazy to wake up in the morning and go to the gym. However, we should keep in mind that exercise not only tones the shape of the body but makes...
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    How to Take Care of Combination Skin

    Start with a gentle but effective water soluble cleanser. It can be a lotion-based or gel-textured cleanser, but the goal is for it to effectively remove impurities, debris, and makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry or greasy. If you need a bit of extra cleansing, you can consider a...
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    6 Simple Tips To Get Healthy Skin

    Tip 1: Minimal makeup Ladies, can you please minimize makeup usage? It is really not necessary to always use a blush, concealer, foundation, or whatever it is. It may add a fine coating to your skin making it glowing skin, but what about your real skin? Is it really glowing? No matter how...
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    Masalah jerawat sangat membimbangkan bagi sesiapa yang mengalaminya. Jika tidak dikawal dan dirawat ia akan menjadi semakin parah. Berikut beberapa tips berguna bagi merawat masalah jerawat dan kulit wajah yang berparut. . 1. Tangan Sentiasa Bersih Sekiranya mempunyai kulit wajah yang berjerawat...
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    5 kesan buruk kalau korang berterusan pakai makeup ‘non-stop’!

    Bila cakap mengenai makeup memang semua tahu yang makeup merupakan ‘kawan baik’ bagi setiap wanita. Ada sesetengah wanita yang memang tak boleh kalau tak makeup Tapi, mungkin ramai yang terlepas pandang bahwa makeup sebenarnya tak bagus untuk kesihatan kulit wajah korang. Produk kosmetik...