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  1. Jebatfx

    Fxopen aka Fxmalay - Lesen Di gantung

    Salam sejahtera, Hanya untuk berkongsi info ttg status lesen broker FXOPEN aka FXMalay. Untuk pengetahuan semua, lesen broker terbabit telah di gantung pada 27 May 2010 dan dalam siasatan oleh pihak berkuasa Mauritus. Kemungkinan besar terlibat dlm siasatan terhadap "money laundring"...
  2. Jebatfx

    Forex Trading - How to start

    Hi, Forex trading is attractive to many new investors because it offers unparalleled freedoms. A forex trader can live and trade anywhere because the market has no physical location and no central exchange. The Market is open 24-hours-a-day, 5.5 days-a-week via a network of banks and...
  3. Jebatfx

    GBP/JPY Technical Analysis

    Salam, Since nobody open this thread, so I decided to start this thread so everybody can share their knowledge and forecast about this cross pair. Gbp vs Jpy 1H Monday Pre-Market Overview There are 2 wave count possibility for next week market. Is either Bullish Reversal or Bearish...