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    cryptocurrency , wang fiat atau emas?

    semuanya volatile ! better stick to forex. digital option ialah salah satu lagi pilihan yang traders boleh cuba. start small. jgn gedebuk letak duit besar terus. better still practice dulu kat demo account.
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    Broker Forex mana yang paling bagus ?

    I did actually . That is why I think some of the comments are biased. From my experience and my discussion with other traders, a lot of people were complaining about withdrawal of money. Stating that it is very difficult, takes a lot of time to receive money etc. To me the trick to this is...
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    Broker Forex mana yang paling bagus ?

    I think I have to disagree with your statement and the video Mr. mbamba. I myself used Olymp Trade platform to trade. Been using the broker for more than 6 months now. So far I have no issues withdrawing my profit. I have loss some money , no doubt about it. But that is normal in trading...