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  • done n done
    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 0JU10049F36463633)

    thanks :)

    ur PM box currently full, so i post here :)
    Salam saya dah bli panduan clickbank under saudara.hope cek eh

    email saya: [email protected]
    Amount: RM50.00 Status: Successful
    Reference number: 1343366695
    Transaction date: 10 Oct 2009
    Transaction time: 22:53:47
    From Account 162188354432 WSA
    New balance: RM205.89
    To 3rd Party Account Number: 512204056160
    Account Holder Name: AHMAD MAWARDI BIN MO
    Recipient email: [email protected]
    Effective date: Today
    Description of transaction: panduan clickbank
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