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  • The body of your essay will then focus on arguments to address the problems cited by your community. In order to be fair to both your community and the future direction of the country's energy needs, the body of your essay must include at least FOUR advantages and FOUR disadvantages of using nuclear energy as an alternative energy source.

    Each of your point in support or in rejecting the proposed nuclear plant MUST be supported by scientific data and inferences from local, national, regional and global research.

    You can conclude by asserting your community's agreement or disagreement and your own personal stand on the proposed nuclear plant built near your community...brape saudara nk utk artikel ni?
    You have been identified by members of your community as a science literate university graduate and has been appointed to represent the views of the community. Your main role is to write an article to be submitted to the Ministry of Science, Technology & Environment. The issue is about the pros and cons of having a nuclear-power plant built near your community.

    Introduce your paper by stating the problems the community is trying to address. You must base your discussion based on the observations your community had cited in your meetings with them.
    salam berforum. diharap, banyak yang dapat dipelajari daripada hmjebat... :) sila beri tunjukajar ya... :)
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