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    Gajet maxis cekik darah?

    Best jugak boleh tukar2 pass mcm ni. Tak ada terbeban sngt kalau kena byr mahal je setiap bulan even using less internet data.
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    Gajet maxis cekik darah?

    Boleh je tambah jam yg ultra hour pass tu. Sejam seringgit je. 24 jam pun baru 8 hinggit je.
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    Teknologi All Telco Plan in Malaysia

    Free 100gb tu bnyk tu boleh laa layan youtube sehari smpai lebam mata. Layan movie kt netflix pun okay gak.
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    Teknologi Pelan unlimited calls

    Banyak cantik nak banyak jam kena byr lebih laa. Tu pun nasib baik dpt free je. Boleh je tambah additional hour ultra pass.
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    First Car

    True tho. Better dont even think to nuy engine oil from online even it's more cheaper than than the original ones. Most of those available online, we cant even confirmed the originality.
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    First Car

    It obviously very diff in terms of quality and function besides you should be extra careful buying engine oil with online seller as there so many fake engine oil in the market that we cant even know just based on packaging and label.
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    Trusted Online Shopping

    Giant punya engine oil pun xleh nak percaya sngt sbb packaging dia ad yg leaking masa kwn aku nak beli. Murah punya pasal tpi bila fikir2 balik baik x payah amik risiko sngt. Beli kat trusted workshop and petrol station je.