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  1. Do you feel like you are searching for love in all the wrong places?

    Did you ever think about using Feng shui for love?

    Let's say you go to a gay western bar, the people there will most likely be dressed like cowboys and cowgirls. This bar will not attract fashion models and posers. Feng shui's basic rule is "like" energy attracts "like" energy. I'm sure you have seen this for yourself in other areas of your life.

    Let us say the person you would like to connect to, someone with your "like energy" or kua would be found at a western bar. You go there looking to find that perfect delicious cowboy, you find delicious cowboys, but you seem to be invisible! Been there done that! Yikes!

    What's wrong? This place has your "like energy", it even has the hot cowboys looking for a connection, but nothing happens, so it must be the wrong place, right?

    There is nothing wrong with the place you are searching, but more likely it is that you are masking yourself unwittingly by wearing colors that mask or diminish your presence and confidence. you resonate at a certain frequency and that is what you want to project with confidence.

    You can remedy this situation by finding out exactly how to use the powers of feng shui for love to your advantage.

    Each of us has our own feng shui energy resonance and each energy resonance has supportive and non supportive matches, colors and even mates.

    Knowing your own energy resonance or 'kua' is very important for many reasons and one is knowing exactly what colors to wear when you go out, so you are noticed.

    These are "your supportive kua colors" and it's these colors that make you stand out in a gay crowd and get you noticed by others. Those with the same kua are the people who you will be connect with. Now that doesn't mean that your chemistry will workout, but it sure is a good start. Feng shui for love can help your gay single dating. Really!

    Gene Headley AKA Luck Charm Stu is a feng shui professional and moderator of [] a blog all about gay feng shui dating. Find articles and links here.

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    For more information about my videos at youtube, please go to Gay Kissing And Romance - YouTube

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  2. Can love be gay or is it just love? I think for most it is just an attraction that can't be explained. Gay love is no different. You see a guy that you like and you want to be with him. Is that love? Who knows but I speak to lots of straight guys and they say it's the same for them, only they see women of course.

    If it was always love then you would see a lot of people at the club only once. I mean, it stands to reason, guys pair off throughout the night and if it was true love then they wouldn't be back the next night, would they? So, gay love for men, like straight men, can be just a moment in time. Stands to reason I guess, after all, meeting a guy or girl on the dance floor for a steamy slow number isn't really any great indication of what they are truly like.

    So they press a few of your buttons but what are they like in the cold light of day? For an hour or two they seem like your soul mate. They like what you like and they are willing to please but the credit soon runs out. This isn't just the way of gay love but happens for all of my straight mates too. For those not paired off, standing at the bar assessing his chances is the place to be and sadly are normally always right. Bet he leaves in the morning once he has seen his gay/straight love as they really are.


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