Feng Shui For Love and Gay Single Dating

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Do you feel like you are searching for love in all the wrong places?

Did you ever think about using Feng shui for love?

Let's say you go to a gay western bar, the people there will most likely be dressed like cowboys and cowgirls. This bar will not attract fashion models and posers. Feng shui's basic rule is "like" energy attracts "like" energy. I'm sure you have seen this for yourself in other areas of your life.

Let us say the person you would like to connect to, someone with your "like energy" or kua would be found at a western bar. You go there looking to find that perfect delicious cowboy, you find delicious cowboys, but you seem to be invisible! Been there done that! Yikes!

What's wrong? This place has your "like energy", it even has the hot cowboys looking for a connection, but nothing happens, so it must be the wrong place, right?

There is nothing wrong with the place you are searching, but more likely it is that you are masking yourself unwittingly by wearing colors that mask or diminish your presence and confidence. you resonate at a certain frequency and that is what you want to project with confidence.

You can remedy this situation by finding out exactly how to use the powers of feng shui for love to your advantage.

Each of us has our own feng shui energy resonance and each energy resonance has supportive and non supportive matches, colors and even mates.

Knowing your own energy resonance or 'kua' is very important for many reasons and one is knowing exactly what colors to wear when you go out, so you are noticed.

These are "your supportive kua colors" and it's these colors that make you stand out in a gay crowd and get you noticed by others. Those with the same kua are the people who you will be connect with. Now that doesn't mean that your chemistry will workout, but it sure is a good start. Feng shui for love can help your gay single dating. Really!

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